BénBérg Arôme & Holland Aromatics

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,

BénBérg Arôme and Holland Aromatics have signed a letter of intent to set up a new joint Venture group



An Important Step Towards Achieving Our Vision:

To become the Essential Partners of each Customer.

2017, The CEO of BénBérg Arôme, Hadi Daryono & Hadi Sugiarto and The CEO of Holland Aromatics, Rody Vlaarkamp and Michaël Vlaarkamp have signed a letter of intent for a joint venture to further expand its business.

BénBérg Arôme & Holland Aromatics are established family owned companies in the flavour and fragrances industry. Both companies have shown a stable and profitable growth trajectory for many years and have gradually expanded its operations. They have grown from being a local into an international company with sales markets in different regions. Innovation and constant improvement make them flexible, fast, customer oriented, with passion for flavour and  fragrances. Now, both companies are signing a letter of intent for a Joint Venture contract based on exclusivity in SEA region to combine strength, knowhow, consumer insights, and flexibility to provide better service and focused for the medium sized and larger companies.

We are confident, we will be able to bring limitless possibility to you.

Management BénBérg Arôme & Holland Aromatics